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a performer who uses movements and music to control snakes

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To Joseph Allen Boone, in his voluminous Homoerotics of Orientalism, Gerome's famous Snake Charmer is a crucial point of reference, for several related reasons.
However, minutes later people realized that the snake charmer was injured and three men helped him by getting the python off his neck.
" We have hired snake charmers from other districts but they are not able to catch the snakes for the past three days," he said.
Any traces of a cocktail-induced hangover were soon sweated out as we dodged hornets and snake charmers to climb Lion's Rock - dubbed the Eighth Wonder of the World by locals.
Snake charmers, clowns, lions & tigers & bears; da circus comes 2 town in 60 rare historic pix.:) Ringling Museum of Art, 359-5700,
First up, Jamie visits Marrakech in Morocco, where he dodges snake charmers to try slow-roasted lamb in cumin; prune and beef tagine; and almond and rosewater cakes.
Artistic director Bruno Barde believes the fest has helped groom sophisticated filmgoers in Marrakech, with packed audiences in the plush Palais des Congres and large turnouts in the city's iconic Place Jemaa el Fna--in the company of snake charmers, fire eaters and tattoo artists.
Some of the types of artists the market is interested in include musicians, acrobats, clowns, comedians, contortionists, dancers, fire eaters, jugglers, magicians, mimes, puppeteers, snake charmers, storytellers, poets, street artists, street theater performers and sword-swallowers.
And a blaze of fireeaters, stilt walkers, jugglers, snake charmers and DJ action announced the return of the docklands nightspot..
And a blaze of fire-eaters, stilt walkers, angle grinders, jugglers, snake charmers and DJ action announced the return of the docklands nightspot.
There were wails of snake charmers mixed with calls to prayer as we wandered around, bemused by the fortune-tellers, storytellers, henna tattoo artists, musicians, double-jointed children, fully dressed male belly dancers and "quacks"offering all sorts of remedies for ailments.
But a French animal rights group is calling on tourists to boycott the snake charmers, who they say are mistreating the reptiles.
"We have had some fairly whacky costumes, including dressing up as pixies, babies, snake charmers, Elvis and even as babies.
Cheap flights are enticing people to try something different and let's face it - snake charmers in the market has to make a change.