Snake River

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a tributary of the Columbia River that rises in Wyoming and flows westward

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We all were served slices of various cuts, to compare and better appreciate the taste, texture, marbling, and other qualities of the Snake River Farms American Wagyu, which is served in a dozen five-star hotels and at least 50 top steak restaurants in the metropolis.
The greatest difference in latitude (90 km) was between the Lower Columbia River winter-run and the Middle and Upper Snake River groups.
Some retailers are planning to run specials featuring Snake River Farms Strip Loins paired with lobster, catering toward a more gourmet at-home dining experience, ideal for impressing guests and creating lasting memories.
The four Snake River dams together produce enough energy to power a city the size of Seattle every year, and can provide more than twice that amount for short periods during power emergencies.
It operates 21 elevators in Washington and Idaho and has a Snake River barge-loading facility, as well as loading facilities on two railways.
American Harvest Organic Vodka is proudly handcrafted in small batches from organic American wheat, certified organic ingredients and Snake River water.
We arrived at the boat launch on Saturday morning to discover the Snake River was much lower than it was during the summer, but still flowing very swiftly.
The only reference I could find to "Clappine" was the name of a French-Canadian participant in the Astoria expedition in the beginning of the 19th century who was killedin a brutal boating accident on the Snake River.' "Clappine Chief' it seems, would be an unfortunate name for a river boat.
And now a pensioner from Cardiff is planning to boldly go where no madman has gone before by clearing the chasm which had previously defeated his Stars and Stripeswearing predecessor - the formidable 500ft-deep, quarter-mile-wide Snake River Canyon in Idaho.
International Resource News-June 13, 2013--Renewable Energy Systems Americas to build phase two of the Lower Snake River wind project(C)1994-2013 ENPublishing -
We have confidence in our Kansas acreage and our exploration initiatives here are an important potential asset for us but will not divert our activities from Snake River.
Forging a Fur Empire: Expeditions to the Snake River Country, 1809-1824 by John Phillip Reid.
Snake River Farms is sliding in on the mini burger trend with the introduction of its American Kobe Beef Gourmet Hamburger Thick Slider Patty.
For Hawley and for several salmon war veterans he interviewed, like Reed Burkholder and Ed Chaney, (22) the obvious solution to significantly restoring the salmon runs is to remove the four federal dams on the Lower Snake River. Some studies suggest this solution not only is economically affordable, but also actually might end up saving money by eliminating the need to maintain the dams and for costly mitigation measures like barging salmon and hatcheries, which only serve to damage wild salmon.
Natural Retreats, a UK-based hospitality company that offers self-catered holiday destinations, has announced the opening of its first site in US on the banks of the Snake River in Idaho.