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usually inexpensive bar

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A similar LDL-lowering effect (-5.4%) was obtained in a tall oil sterol group in a study comparing the cholesterol-lowering efficacy of plant sterols (1.8 g/d), glucomannan, and combination of these two in snackbars [26] consumed between meals.
Ahead of the grand opening, Gavin said: "It's probably the best known snack bar in Wales so I hope people will send old photos to our Facebook page, caerphillymountain snackbar."
We made our way through a ramshackle farming operation, wit tractors, to a lakeside snackbar. The adjacent restaurant was advertising $10 fish dinners.
"If you wish, however, you may purchase a burrito at the snackbar. Use of the microwave is free."
License foroperating snackbar at securityhold area (sha)area of kbrairport, leh
The cinemas have Movie Snackbar that sells delectable treats and beverages to moviegoers.
John Currence James Beard award-winning Mississippi chef and restaurateur (Big Bad Breakfast, Snackbar, Boure and City Grocery, all in Oxford)--is in charge of catering and special events.
How about we make a video and put it on Facebook or You Tube?We do loads of stuff like Volleyball, Football, Computers, Snackbar, Pool,Watch videos, draw and lots more.
And this is its latest incarnation - a snackbar which is not only seriously tasty but seriously good for you.
The list is far too long to mention all of them, but if you are tuned in to the Mississippi food scene Chef John Currence and his group of restaurants are on the radar--City Grocery, Boure, Big Bad Breakfast, Lamar Lounge and Snackbar. Each of his creations is different and all are exceptional.
"She was known to people simply as Thelma from the snackbar.
Work will then begin on widening the junction between Watford and the A469, adjacent to the well known mountainside snackbar.
Similar action was taken against Sadie Darlington, who runs a mobile snackbar on Rhuallt Hill.
A fire at the club's snackbar is the latest in a string of problems caused by youths at Volunteer Park.
On the eve of the wedding the groom's parents honored the couple with a rehearsal dinner at Snackbar. Earlier that day, aunts of the bride hosted a bridesmaids' luncheon at the 5-Twelve.