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a slot machine for selling goods

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The Pepsi machine now has only water and 100 percent orange juice, and the snack machine has baked chips and juice drinks in small sizes with only 60 calories.
The aim of this procedure is the conclusion of a service concession contract for the operation, including maintenance, maintenance and ongoing filling of the beverage and snack machines at the Karl-Franzens-University Graz.
This new cashless vending system can be retrofitted to existing machines, including snack machines and photocopiers.
Some correctional facilities have removed their snack machines and desweetened their menus in an attempt to minimize behaviors associated with criminality, such as hyperactivity.
Tenders are invited for Snack vending services: 57 Snack Machines (chips, pastry & candy), 57 Snack Machines (chips, pastry & candy) 5 Hot beverage machine.
24 soda machines, 17 snack machines, 1 combo on location.