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food for light meals or for eating between meals

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The Andrews Labor Government has worked closely with Tyrrells to facilitate its investment in Yarra Valley Snack Foods, which participated in the 2015 Food and Beverage Trade Week inbound trade mission.
Millennial and Boomers are aligned when it comes to the types of ready-to-eat snack foods consumed.
has finalized a deal with Japan's largest snack food company Calbee Inc.
The new study suggests that an eating pattern low in snack foods could help these individuals, who have a condition called Lynch syndrome, lower their risk.
Shreiber, president and CEO of J&J Snack Foods, said that his company was extremely pleased to add such a prestigious brand to its portfolio and was looking forward to expanding the business further.
Snack food and frozen beverages company J & J Snack Foods Corp (NASDAQ:JJSF) reported on Thursday that it has acquired the assets of churros manufacturer California Churros.
Snack foods fit right in with chain drug store merchandising," says Jim McCarthy, president and chief executive officer of the Snack Food Association (SFA) of Arlington, Va.
But the subjects in the reduced-variety group showed a decreased sense of pleasantness in response to their chosen snack food over time, compared with other snack foods given to them by researchers at the end of the study (-17.
Although we certainly advocate that consumers choose a balanced diet full of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, protein, grains and healthy fats, the reality is that snack foods aren't going away," says Katherine DiMatteo, executive director of the Organic Trade Association.
food corporations are diving headfirst into the soyfoods market, whether it is beverages, snack foods, analogs or bars," says Keen.
along with other researchers with the ERRC Dairy Processing and Products Research Unit, wanted to improve the nutritional profile of puffed snack foods by extruding corn flour with concentrated forms of whey.
Whey proteins that remain after cheesemaking are a key ingredient in novel snack foods produced under a new process.
95), demonstrates how to select a variety of snack foods and make them part of a healthy diet.
But the snack and soft drink lobbies have been working overtime to convince school administrators that without the funding provided by sweet and salty snack foods and sugary drink sales, schools will have no extracurricular activities on their campuses.
PepsiCo is acquiring Saudi Arabia's leading salty snack maker, Tasali Snack Foods.