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Synonyms for smoothbore

a firearm that has no rifling

of a firearm


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In that regard, you had just a couple good options from which to pick: a centerfire rifle or a smoothbore shotgun.
It was considered normal for a fine English-made airgun to come in a leather case with both a rifled barrel and a smoothbore barrel that could fire a load of shot.
Heavy earthworks prevailed whenever opposing armies were locked in static warfare, whether soldiers carried smoothbores or rifles.
The rifled choke is an option for those who wish to shoot sabot slugs in a smoothbore barrel.
However, not all smoothbores had been replaced by early 1863.
The Italian gun-maker is not to be overlooked in field-grade smoothbores either, as the A390 Mallard and A304 Lark series of gas-operated semiautomatic 12 gauges have come on quite strong, as well.
Today, the mechanics of why a spinning projectile flies straighter and longer than one fired from a smoothbore is well known, but such was not the case with our forebears.
Because the vast majority of slug hunters use traditional smoothbores, Federal set out to make the smoothbore slug more effective and accurate.
22s, I still savor those autumn days when we hunt squirrels with our smoothbores.
BRI's weird-looking, wasp-waisted projectile encased in a two-piece plastic sleeve never shot all that well in smoothbores, but when pushed through a rifled bore the results were so much better that it forever changed the way we looked at slugs.
It can be fired in any choke and in rifled as well as smoothbores, but back-bored barrels are not recommended.
We made the transition from smoothbores to rifled barrels, black powder to smokeless cartridges, and open sights to scopes.
I'm referring to the inexpensive Gem and Quackenbush-type smoothbores.