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a city in western Russia on the Dnieper River

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The book, first of two narrative volumes on the Smolensk campaign, is not easy: Glantz says it "must be studied as well as read." Readers must possess a firm grasp of mechanized warfare to understand what is going on.
The company told Feedinfo News Service: "Being the largest grain processor of Siberia and the Far East, PAVA demonstrated 50% increase in its shipping volume to Smolensk region in May compared to the preceding month.
The President's twin brother Jaroslaw flew to Smolensk on Saturday evening and identified the bodies.
None of the passengers survived in the incident that occurred about 1.5 kilometres from Smolensk airport under foggy conditions.
Smolensk governor Sergei Anufriev said: "As it was preparing for landing, the Polish p re s i d e n t 's aircraft did not make it to DEAD: Poland's the landing strip.
The Tupolev Tu-154 plane crashed on approach to Smolensk airport in thick fog.
Smolensk governor Sergei Anufriev told the state news channel Rossiya-24 that there no survivors.
Russian news agencies reported at least 87 people died in the crash near Smolensk airport in western Russia, citing the Russian Emergencies Ministry.
During March-July 1917 networks of Jewish socialists in Smolensk mobilized to seize political opportunities offered by the February Revolution.