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a large tall chimney through which combustion gases and smoke can be evacuated


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A mile away a pure white thread of steam is pouring upwards from a smokestack at the sewage treatment plant near wetlands where the rare blue butterfly is sometimes seen.
Whether deposits of emissions from the smelter's smokestacks in British Columbia fit the CERCLA mold is the crux of the appeal.
Smokestack gas from a typical coal-fired plant contains about 10% C[O.
Ardovino and Gary Sapp, another El Paso resident, run the Save the Stacks movement, and they say the smokestacks are a historic landmark.
Washington, July 9 (ANI): A new study has suggested that rising levels of smokestack emissions from oceangoing ships will cause an estimated 87,000 deaths worldwide each year by 2012, which is almost one-third higher than previously believed.
Circuit tossed out the EPA's cap-and-trade approach to limiting mercury emitted from power-plant smokestacks.
With this last delay, Bush's EPA has shredded any hope that ship smokestacks bringing cargo to our nation's ports will be forced to clean up any time soon.
It was like a poem--bitter cold out and the smokestacks in New Jersey like Auschwitz.
Many experts on the Arctic say that global warming is causing the ice to melt and that the warming is at least partly the result of the atmospheric buildup of greenhouse, or heat-trapping, gases from tailpipes and smokestacks.
A useful analogy is put forward in Paul Hawken's book Natural Capitalism, which asks the reader to "imagine an industrial system that has no provisions for landfills, outfalls or smokestacks.
Hardy explains that before the FBR was built, gases used to flow right to the smokestacks.
Family acquisition and sales transactions were in excess of $100 million and included the purchase of the Falchi Building in Long Island City and the former Grumman property in Bethpage, NY, as well as the sale of the Smokestacks Building in Long Island City and an six-building industrial complex in Bloomfield, NJ.
Scenes of children playing near smokestacks are projected onto four screens.
s (ACTI) flexible hoods, which would attach to ship smokestacks at the Long Angeles and Long Beach ports, capturing diesel emissions.