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a plastic card containing a microprocessor that enables the holder to perform operations requiring data that is stored in the microprocessor

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Contract award: Provision of Smartcard Bureau Services.
Now bus passengers can buy and top up their Smartcards through Jumbo Electronics outlets located in City Center Doha, Barwa Village, Souq Faleh, Najma's Souq al Haraj, Al Rayyan, Mesaieed, and Al Khor.
Season tickets will gradually shift to smartcards from autumn this year.
Thousands of Smartcards and accompanying machines are being tested and these results had "reinforced confidence", Mr Wevill reported.
Aladdin Knowledge Systems (Nasdaq:ALDN), a provider of Software DRM, USB-based authentication and enterprise secure content management solutions, announced on Monday (7 April) the general availability of the Aladdin eToken NG-FLASH 72K, which combines the features of a USB encrypted flash drive and an open Java Card technology with an advanced smartcard.
Developed by the Trusted Services Infrastructure on behalf of North-East Connects ( which supports local authorities ( smartcards will be trialled for the first time in an event environment at IT Works.
Employees hold their smartcards over an SIU to get their identity authorized.
He adds that smartcards could soon become as essential as dog tags for soldiers.
A huge amount has been done to lock down SmartCards so they can't be cracked," says Caruk.
First, JR East announced in March that by next spring, its Suica smartcards will be used for shopping at about 500 stores in its station complexes.
The bulk of the passes issued has enabled smartcards and ticket machines to be fully tested, problems resolved and a data-sharing agreement agreed with the operators.
In addition to mass issuance of SmartCards, Anteon is helping its customers develop innovative business processes and security applications enabled by smart cards and the new CAC.
The French firm will develop applications for loading onto the smartcards, possibly in e-purses, internet access payment for products on interactive television and for GSM phones, according to John Tilley, managing director of Sema's UK arm which made the investment.
And the Singapore labour organisation was one of the first in the world to offer sophisticated smartcards.
Although invented by the American multinational Motorola in 1979, smartcards are one of the few areas in which Europe has taken a lead.