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a mountainous republic in central Europe

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Slovenia is facing more immediate and pressing logistical concerns.
Egypt already had more than 100 embassies all over the world, so we understand that it took Egypt some time to discover its interest to open an embassy in Slovenia.
Slovenia said it was in talks with Croatia possibly to direct the flow of migrants through only two border crossings.
Slovenia has deployed troops in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lebanon, and Somalia.
Chef Kelly is well known in Slovenia since a 2009 visit when he fell in love with the country's many charms, and has since sought ways to bring the warmth, culture, and unspoiled beauty of Slovenia to America.
Like many other euro zone members, Slovenia is in recession, with slowing exports and high unemployment.
The OECD, a 34-member club of developed economies, said Slovenia should sell state-owned banks that were viable and allow those that weren't to fail.
Slovenian Ambassador Alain Brian Bergant addressed the guests, highlighting the excellent and friendly relations between Slovenia and Macedonia, as evidenced by the number of visits on the highest political level.
KARACHI -- To promote bi-lateral trade between Slovenia and Pakistan, key businessmen have formed Slovenia Pakistan Business Alliance (SPBA).
Summary: Austria and Slovenia are at loggerheads over the manufacture of one of the EU's most popular sausages.
March 05 2012 (TUR) -- Slovenia's Ambassador in Ankara Milan Jazbec has said that International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) in Slovenia selected Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as "statesman of the century".
But nothing less than six points should have been expected against the Lithuanians, who had already lost at home to Slovenia (2-1) and Malta (2-1) before their matches with Sweden.
Macedonia will play Spain, who beat Slovenia 86-64.
My victory shows a high level of democracy in Slovenia," said Bossman, who came to Slovenia from Ghana 33 years ago to study medicine.
Bulgarian exports of products and services to Slovenia declined by the staggering 65% in 2009, according to the Bulgarian-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce.