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a native of Slovenia

the Slavic language of Slovenes

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Furthermore, it contained domains from the Slovene top-level domain only, i.
Chapter two lays out the history of Slovene and Yugoslavia between 1900 and the eve of WWII.
Embassy in Ljubljana wanted to use food to highlight that diversity for Slovenes, while disproving the notion that Americans eat only fast food.
The clearest influence on Slovene creativity at this time was the music of the Italian Renaissance, though a musical Renaissance only really began to flourish in Slovenia at the beginning of the seventeenth century.
But the sisters united their votive body like a nation voting on sovereignty that is otherwise divided within by self-Ioathing; even those who out of envy hated the sisters swallowed their vanity for a moment and, from local towns to world capitals, devised schemes for launching the first Slovene rocket into orbit.
Slovenia is today a vibrant democracy, but the roots of this democracy go back deep in Slovene history.
Slovenia incorporates a wealth of cultures and is steeped in history and folklore, such as the bizarre 'Kurent', which appears at Slovene carnivals with its long nose and tongue, brandishing a club and whirling about to sound the cow bells it wears.
n Noting with regret the repatriation of disarmed Slovene soldiers at the end of World War II.
THE risk of bird flu reaching the UK increased yesterday after it was found in Italian and Slovene swans.
Ministers have also told Slovene and Slovak wine producers to discard by-products from over-pressing of grapes or wine lees, rather than distilling them.
A member of seven Central and Eastern European academies, including the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, Lencek was the founding father of the Society for Slovene Studies.
Launched this month by fast-growing Slovene IT Company XLAB d.
But his influence is, of course, not an isolated episode in the formative years of the younger generation of Slovene literary artists.
And another comment: "I do know that some modern Slovene authors write essays about nature and 1 am motivated to read them now that I have realized the importance of nature writing from reading the American texts.
Annual conference, Society for Slovene Studies and American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, in Toronto, Ontario.