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Synonyms for kyphosis

an abnormal backward curve to the vertebral column

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Just a few months ago, William had been diagnosed with scoliosis - a curving of the spine - and kyphosis, also involving spinal curving, with the addition of a rounding of the back, leading to a hunchback or slouching posture.
Clavdia's unconventional behavior includes slamming the glass door to announce her late arrival, walking with a slouching posture, biting her fingernails and rolling bread pellets.
With his limp turquoise hair and slouching posture, he embodies a teenage gracelessness that seems unlikely ever to be outgrown.
In addition, men don't realize that a dainty 'finger squeeze' handshake, a slouching posture, scuffed unpolished shoes, or a lack of eye contact creates barriers to their interactions with women.
It seems almost a sign of these stressful times--after all, most of us are dealing with overloaded schedules, poorly conditioned back and abdominal muscles, slouching postures and a whole host of office and home furniture that may look great but does nothing to support our bodies.