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ground beef (not a patty) cooked in a spicy sauce and served on a bun

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Aside from a captivating campaign, they came up with recipes and fiery flavours including lamb chops, chicken wings, burgers, sloppy Joes and even sweet potato fries.
Get a couple dozen packets of dry gravy, sloppy joe, spaghetti, and taco mixes.
For example, the other day I cooked a Sloppy Joe [an American sandwich filled with minced meat cooked in tomato sauce] for my show and called it a Bombay Sloppy Joe.
The reception included bride and groom favorites of fried green tomatoes, sloppy joe sliders, and macaroni and cheese.
This is shown by the commercials as well: Instead of ads for ingredients or kitchen appliances during prime time on the Food Network, eateries like Olive Garden or foods like Manwich Sloppy Joe fill break time, he added.
Nearly all the girls would be wearing the customary pencil skirt with a slit at the back and sloppy Joe sweaters, and sometimes, if they could afford it, a suit with a drape jacket just like the boys, which we all thought was "the very end".
And at the Five Star Bar in Chicago, owner Lyle Aker has had such success with a Sloppy Joe recipe "like my Mom's except we add a splash of beer"--he's moving the sandwich from his "50-cent Minis on Monday's" promotion to the core bar menu.
Plus, your customers will love the big and savory Sloppy Joe sandwich and a tasty Breaded Chicken offering, which is an ideal alternative to beef or pork-based sandwich.
Manwich Heat & Serve is the original Manwich sloppy joe sauce but adds the convenience factor by including fully cooked ground beef: Just pop the resealable tub into the microwave for six minutes and the joe is ready to pack copiously on a bun.
He cites the following as examples: Sloppy joe, bear claw, tire treads (a brand of licorice), and Italian dishes with puttanesca in the name.
Targeted at convenience stores, Manwich Sloppy Joe Sandwiches from La Palma, California-based ConAgra Foods Mexican Foods are convenient, handheld flatbread creations in two varieties: Original and Supreme.
with a New York twist we tried this week Hot Sloppy Joe Roll, Marks & Spencer Sounds more like a jumper than a snack, but this calorie-fest, from the new All-American hot sandwich range, has pulled beef brisket, cheese and sweet tangy sauces.
They probably don't have this down at your local branch but diners at one stand inSan Diego were once served a Sloppy Joe (a US blend of minced beef and melted cheese) all stuffed inside a familiar Krispy Kreme shell.
School-made sloppy Joe on a bun, garden salad with chick peas, fruit cup and milk.
com showcases a selection of meals with mountainous calories, dubbed "fast food porn", ranging from the Krispy Kreme sloppy joe burger to the chocolate-covered bacon maple doughnut bar.