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projector that projects an enlarged image of a slide onto a screen

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05) between groups; Validation method groups: (1) Magnifying glass (8x), (2) Stereomicroscope (35x), (3) Photographs, (4) Slide projections of photographs, (5) Stereomicroscope (35x) photographs, (6) Stereomicroscope (35x) slide projections and (7) Projections of polarised light microscope slides.
You enter a darkened room, a slide projection covers the floor from wall to wall.
Computerized slide projection was trouble-free, seamless, and better than I have ever seen at a meeting.
There are stalks of wheat on the stage and a slide projection of endless fields, and you get the sense that the fence, which is in the middle of nowhere but clearly on somebody's property--why else would there be a fence?
The Friends of the Lincoln Park Branch added a powerful computer to the AV system in order to make the slide projection possible.
Indeed, it is possible to set things up so that one would have the film image and the slide projection side by side, with nothing to mark the difference between them--like, to use a Warholian example, two slides of the Mona Lisa.
The 10,000-SF facility includes a 124-seat auditorium and features video, slide projection and sound systems.
Over the last ten years, Chinese photographer Xu Peiwu has been documenting its metamorphosis, and his black-and white images are presented here as a slide projection.
Although the show follows a chronological order, starting with the artist's drawings from the late 1990s, the time line is interrupted at the very beginning of the exhibition, where early drawings are confronted with A Cup, 2003, a single slide projection of a cup inside a cardboard box, paired with a rhizomatic mind map on the wall.
Andrew produced a slide projection installation revealing the human body as it undergoes the changes of ageing.
Compton Verney re-opens for the 2008 season on March 15, with its permanent collection on show along with exhibitions by film, video and slide projection artist James Coleman, and sculptor Alberto Giacometti.
Jananne Al-Ani's slide projection, forexample, veils and unveils seated women, provoking viewers to reflect how their attitude towards the subjects changes.
The Room was originally intended to be top-lit and perhaps the most important change has been to return the volume to perception of the sky and the elements which the first Fellows enjoyed, but which had been effectively blacked out since projection of images by lecturers became commonplace, The new cylindrical central rooflight is perhaps the most obvious change, which allows you to see the heavens from everywhere in the Room (except when the light is obscured for a slide projection session).
The seven-minute video slide projection that gave the show its title, produced by the New York ad agency Sid Lee, used contemporary advertising lingo to address the potential sale of Welsh seaweed.