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a passenger car that has berths for sleeping

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Train travel from pounds 150 return, North Wales to Inverness - Caledonian Sleeper train leaves Crewe at 23.
The cheapest way to do this would be to purchase a ten-day Interail pass for around e1/4250 or e1/4150 for people under 26, and the quickest track using sleeper trains would be through Thessaloniki, Bucharest, Budapest, Vienna, Munich and Paris catching the Eurostar of ferry there.
While most people have at least two days here, we have to hightail it across town to catch a sleeper train to our next stop, the canal city of Venice.
We traveled by sleeper train and plane to different areas in the United States.
Fallows attempted a program of neoliberal reforms, asking Congress for legislation that would limit physician incomes to $29 million per year; establish hourly first-class sleeper train service from Washington to Charleston, West Virginia, at an average public subsidy of $287,000 per passenger; make public schools and the draft mandatory for everyone except children of Fallows' friends and members of his administration; close the Superconducting Supercollider, restored by Congress in 1995 following its 1993 cancellation and expanded into a six-county combination science project and theme park employing 625,000 supervisory personnel.
Toshiba Corporation today announced that when the luxury sleeper train Twilight Express Mizukaze (Mizukaze) enters service with West Japan Railway Company (JR West) on June 17, it will be with a small hybrid propulsion system developed by Toshiba and JR West and delivered by Toshiba.
A MAN has been arrested after allegedly entering the driver's cab of an overnight sleeper train, police said.
One night in a first-class compartment on the overnight sleeper train from Moscow to St.
launches its "Seven Stars in Kyushu" cruise and sleeper train service on Oct.
Price includes: Flights to Moscow, Two nights' b&b accommodation at the Holiday Inn Suschevsky, Moscow, One night in a firstclass compartment on the overnight sleeper train from Moscow to St.
Osborne is also expected to pledge pounds 50million to improve the threatened Caledonian Sleeper train service from London to Scotland - but only if the Scottish government matches funding.
The pounds 495 land-only tour includes seven nights' hotel B&B, one night in a traditional stilted house, one overnight on a sleeper train.
A Nile cruise and trips aboard a first-class sleeper train are combined in an eight-night trip through Egypt offered for $615 per person, double occupancy.
JR East's luxury sleeper train Shiki-shima, conceptualized as a train for 'enjoying changes in time and space', has been designed with individualized themes for each compartment.
In the first of six new stand-alone films, we're on a sleeper train from Paris, in second class to be precise.