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Synonyms for somniloquy

uttering speech while asleep

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Oh, and almost 10 per cent of all sleep talk episodes involved swearing, with 'f***' being said 800 times more frequently in participants' sleep than when they were awake.
Like SleepBot, Sleep as Android also offers sleep deficit stats; time to bed notifications; sleep talk and room noise stats; and sleep advice.
[7] Problematic sleep behavior presents as complex, involuntary facial and limb movements, sleep talk, and violent movements, all of which can harm the sleeper or those in bed with them.
Florimund's white face was soon to the fore under Maxine Cowdrey in his gallop with Free Speech and Sleep Talk, with Escape Clause not appearing to fire from his settled position in behind.
A psychiatric report showed that he had somniloquy, where people did sleep talk, and a history of "nocturnal vocalisation".
Sleep Talk Recorder - records you talking in your sleep (69p) 4.
Sleep talk can occur because of stress, anxiety, having less sleep, unresolved issues, eating in excess just before going to bed or because some task has remained unfinished in our subconscious.