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Synonyms for blindfold

a cloth used to cover the eyes

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cover the eyes of (someone) to prevent him from seeing

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wearing a blindfold


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She said the buildings have ear plugs, sleep masks, aromatherapy treatments and herbal teas avilable to help make sleep easier.
The sheet sets were cross-merchandised with fun bedroom accessories, such as sleep masks and bed pockets.
Hoping to brighten her customers' lives in a small way, Basseri makes all kinds of shower caps with bugs, flowers and rhinestones for glamorous bathing, with matching spa sandals, terry cloth wraps and sleep masks.
Professional Sleep Solutions distributes: Specialty Pillows, Dreamerz Foods, Hearos Earplugs, Apollo Light Therapy, CPAP Tube Wrap, Sleep Aids, Blackout Shades, Relaxation Music as well as its own Allergy Free Line of; Bed and Pillow Covers, Sleep Masks, Aromatherapy and Specialty Sleep Kits.
Technogel experts recommend keeping lamps dim during the evening, using blinds or sleep masks to block out light, and keeping lighted electronic devices out of the bedroom.
Forest Hills entrepreneur Elan Eliav uses his UHaggled site to supply a wide array of products - from watches to sleep masks and electronics, the New York Daily News reported.
This Framework Agreement will also include foam slippers sleep masks as well as miscellaneous textile products such as tape and shower curtains.
He told me that all my rituals, from avoiding coffee to wearing sleep masks and earplugs, were making the problem worse by focusing me on sleep too much.