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a dog trained to draw a sled usually in a team

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Introducing easy-to-understand and interesting facts about the care and training of sled dogs, the text is written with energy and enthusiasm, communicates love for canines, and is sensitive in its portrayal of the relationship between dogs and their humans.
"We have only 20 sled dogs left, three are retired and the youngest is nine.
Within the "bed and sled" recreational experience, visitors are provided a compelling Aurora view while staying at an off-the-grid cabin with just a few other guests and fifteen sled dogs that power sled excursions.
The 2017 Iditarod sled dog race got underway in Alaska this week and with it came the usual dose of controversy.
I did explore the reasons why I have always wanted to do this and discovered through past life regression that I had sled dogs in a past life so 1 guess you could say it's in my DNA.
Since dogs feature so prevalently in Arctic Storm, it's important to note that readers with a prior affection for canines will find the sled dog insights compelling; not to mention that the saga is set in 1908, an unusual feature for a crossover novel of fantasy.
FITNESS "We bought a racing harness and waist belt and line, then discovered that running with your dog is an actual sport that started in Eastern Europe as a means of keeping sled dogs fit out of season.
But a different sense of globalization in recent years has laid bare the vulnerability of our momentous partnership, nowhere perhaps more clearly than in the Canadian Arctic, where the working relationships of people and sled dogs made life possible for both, that is, until recent decades.
Faye, who until recently had 30 sled dogs and runs a popular website, decided to organise the walk.
But the power of 10 harnessed sled dogs can be breathtaking.
Although there's much justified outrage at the unbelievably cruel acts committed against the North Vancouver sled dogs, such acts will likely happen again.
The Race to Save Nome tells the story of mushers and their sled dogs traversing treacherous weather to bring an anti-toxin to the town of Nome, which is experiencing a diphtheria outbreak.
Where is the Iditarod endurance race for sled dogs held each year?
That was the lesson recently imparted to Charlton Middle School sixth-graders when local teen musher Bailey Vitello visited to share his story, his sled dogs and a ride.