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Annually it publishes up to 100 books, as well as the Herald of Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University magazine.
Researchers said this could explain why the Slavic woman was laid to rest in the Danish graveyard. 
In Slavic, as well as in the other branches of the family, nominal compounds are a large class of formations inherited from Indo-European.
Tablet contributor Cherie Woodworth profiled one of the researchers, Paul Wexler, in 2014, writing that "[he] has been marshaling his arguments for two decades to make the radical, implausible, impossible argument that Yiddish did not come from Germany but from the Slavic lands, and the East European Jews came not from the Rhineland but from Persia via the Caucasus and the Khazar steppe."
Before the 1 November 1931 launch of Toronto's Borba, Croatian and other South Slavic immigrants in Canada who were supporters of the working class, members of trade-unions, or were CPC sympathizers or members, relied on the immigrant press published south of the border.
Giselle is a romantic ballet in two acts inspired by ancient Slavic folklore and the work of Victor Hugo.
"On 12 May 2014, the investigation department of the State National Security Committee launched a criminal probe against officials of the Ministry of Education and the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University into unlawful enrollment of 24 university applicants to the medical faculty in September 2013," the General Prosecutor's Office said.
'Slavic' Sally Hawkins out-quirks the Quebecois in a morose comedy.
"The Snow Girl" is a lovely retelling of an old traditional story of Slavic origins.
CLEVELAND'S BROADWAY SLAVIC VILLAGE neighborhood was dramatically impacted by the housing market crash.
(3) Yet she then appears to follow Riccardo Picchio and Harvey Goldblatt's conception of Orthodox Slavic literature in general (222-29), which devoted considerable attention to the existence of an "open tradition" for many literary monuments.
Formal description of Slavic languages; proceedings.
Erol Rizaov comments ironically in Utrinski vesnik how President Ivanov spectacularly revealed to the world that Macedonians and Russians speak Slavic language during his lesson in history at one of the most renowned universities in the world Lomonosov in Moscow.
Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska attended the meeting of the ministers of culture of the member states of the international foundation Forum of Slavic Cultures that took place in Cetinje, Montenegro, on 11 November.
Unbeknownst to many Western Christians, the Year of Faith was also significant because the Christian world, and especially the grateful Slavic nations, remembered the coming of the co-patron saints of Europe, Cyril and Methodius, to Great Moravia in the year 863, this being the seminal occasion which defined the faith of many Christian nations east of Rome and Prague.