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any member of the people of eastern Europe or Asian Russia who speak a Slavonic language

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With a series of events, the Republic of Macedonia joined also the celebration of the days of the Slav literacy and culture in the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the Republic of Serbia.
Annual reports or jubilee bulletins were published only by the biggest and richest associations such as Lumir, Slovansky zpevacky spolek (The Slav Singers' Society) ci Slovanska beseda (The Slav Arts Association).
More contentious perhaps is Kukushkin's lengthy discussion of how the Slavs from Russia's Belarus and Ukrainian-dominated territories west of the Dnieper River in general and Ukrainians in particular differed from the Galicians and Bukovynians of Austria-Hungary.
For Mucha the astonishing success of his popular designs was only a prelude to what he considered his best work, The Slav Epic, a monumental painting inspired by his devotion to the Czech people.
Occasionally, Pizzi also over-interprets the texts to fit them into her theses, as when she reads Lina Galli's poem "Anima." Pizzi states: "In the poem 'Anima,' Galli perceives Trieste as a white, pure, innocent soul grabbed by dirty Slav hands: 'anima, su cni si afferrarono / mani contorte, avverse.
Cover the tree with baubles of every kind from Slav style multi-coloured 'striped' to satin-look garish shocking pink; orbs wrapped in coloured silk thread or encrusted with glitter and 'jewels.'
Macedonia's instability involved more than its ethnic mix (two-thirds Slav Macedonian, one-third Albanian).
Otherwise, if there are no fundamental relationships between the movements, but only a participation in some generalized zeitgeist of cultural nationalism that could have easily paired the Harlem Renaissance with Finnish or South Slav literary nationalism, then why put the Irish Renaissance and the Harlem Renaissance side by side?
The ghosts of Kosovo, where East meets West, where Europe meets the Third World, where the east-west axis of Islam meets the north-south axis of Eastern Orthodoxy, and where Slav meets non-Slav, have haunted the Balkans ever since.
For example, he states regarding Gothic merjan: "urverwant mit slav. -meru in Vladimeru u.
Through all the harsh times of war and communist government, the resilient Slav spirit sought better things, with sacrifice and humour.
Over the past ten years, Slav and middle European theatrical ideas have permeated Western theater, although I am using the word Slav loosely to include the many nationalities and races that inhabit this region, of which Lvov claims to be the center.
Croatian poet and dramatist whose epic poem Osman (written 1626; first published 1826) was the outstanding achievement of the Renaissance flowering of art and literature that gave Dubrovnik the name of the "South Slav Athens."
But while the population of Russia is predominantly Slav, that of Kazakhstan is al most equally divided between Asians (such as Kazakhs and Uzbekhs) and Europeans (Slavs and ethnic Germans).
This sort of "historical right" was also seized by the Romantic precursors of Nazism and, with a vengeance, by the Nazis themselves, to justify the conquest of the East.(7) Germany was said to have legitimate claims on Slavic territory (especially but not limited to Poland) since it was "already inhabited by the Germans in primeval times," "fertilized by the most noble ancient German blood," "Germanic for many centuries and long before a Slav set foot there," "Teutonic-German Volksboden for 3,000 years as far a the Vistula ....