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a boisterous comedy with chases and collisions and practical jokes

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acoustic device consisting of two paddles hinged together

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characterized by horseplay and physical action

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When Coogan isn't delivering punch lines, there's plenty of slapstick humour.
In addition to being a catalogue of slapstick humour, Big Top Otto brims with puns, references to popular culture and general word play that will satisfy more sophisticated readers.
Only if you like very simple, slapstick humour, or want to see Colin's legs - he spends much of the film trouserless - or Cam in her underwear.
BRITAIN ITV, Miranda admits her slapstick humour has been inspired by The Two Ronnies and their comedy contemporaries Morecambe and Wise.
It's slapstick humour and our advertising has moved on now from the money-back specials promotion to supporting our iPhone app.
30pm Looking back on this classic sitcom, it's very easy to remember a lot of bumbling characters running around their sleepy seaside town, revelling in pratfalls and slapstick humour.
Slapstick humour and B-movie special effects have been juxtaposed with a lingering shot of the actress' rear in a thong in the medieval comedy, reports the New York Daily News.
For a show with no words, the jokes were hugely effective, and the plentiful slapstick humour was rewarded with genuine belly laughs from around the auditorium.
Needless to say the trip away is a voyage of discovery for all the couples driven by a typically dry and at times slapstick humour we have become accustomed to from Vaughn and Favreau.
Filled with classic slapstick humour, it's just what the doctor ordered.
Zoo Nation will showcase a range of different dance styles, including Indy hop, jazz, hip hop and break dance in a routine that also blends in some slapstick humour.
In his case, the two flip-sides are the no-holds-barred, outrageous and slapstick humour we are all familiar with - and the less obvious shrewd business sense that has made him a wealthy man.
A tale of slapstick humour and pantomimic hilarity ensues.
It manages to put the spotlight on the need being addressed as well as the solution being provided, minus the music or any kind of annoying slapstick humour.
The penguins' slapstick humour wears thin pretty quickly