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Synonyms for baldness



Synonyms for baldness

the condition of having no hair on the top of the head

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She said: 'I was lying on the ground and all the other lads were running up, pointing at me, shouting 'slaphead, slaphead'.'
MEET CHARLIECATCHPOLE Our new columnist on slaphead Cameron: PAGE 25 Last night's winning numbers in the Lotto main draw are 5, 11, 29, 31, 35, 39.
MARSEILLE have accused Italian slaphead ref Pierluigi Collina of bias after he sent Fabien Barthez off in their 2-0 UEFA Cup Final defeat by Valencia.
And he's even better as scarred slaphead Dr Evil, who travels back in time to steal Austin's `mojo' from his cyrogenically frozen body.
CITY and Sporting both expect Nichola to get the Big Brother heave-ho next week, putting her on top of their indices on the fourth eviction vote, but there is still some scope in a buy of the Lancashire slaphead at 16 with Sporting.
KD, a former dreadlock who'd become a virtual hermit since turning slaphead and, not subscribing to the black and bald is beautiful school, fruitlessly attempted some miracle restorer cream.
It is a group with which I closely and readily identify for I, too, am a slaphead. Last week, though, came the news that scientific researchers had discovered the cause of male pattern baldness - dodgy stem cells in the scalp.Better still, it seems we are not bald at all, but simply have invisible hair.
HERE'S a catchy song That will make your big toe tap With tongue in cheek It's called "The Old Age Rap" This world is for the young It just doesn't seem fair That when you get old Nobody really does care With a crinkly old face And my hair falling out "How's it goin' slaphead?" The cruel kids shout He must be at least 100 That's the vicious rumour But I can take a joke Must be my unique Scouse humour I look like Father Christmas With my expanding tum If you see me from the rear I've got a massive bum!
And despite having a face that "makes children cry", the 47-year-old slaphead got an instant "Yes" from the girlfriend he first met in a Beauty And The Beast production.
In a week when Ireland, asylum and tax rises were on the political agenda, all slaphead Smith could talk about was Tony Blair's receding hairline.
The youngster had repeatedly called the officer a "slaphead" and made grunting noises when the scenes of crime officer, based at Shirley, went to investigate a burglary at a school in Castle Bromwich.
And in one extended bedroom scene featuring Borat wrestling with his obese director Azamat Bagatov (Ken Davitian offering a bloated version of Benny Hill's long-suffering slaphead sidekick role), quite probably the most hilarious sequence most cinemagoers will have ever seen.
THREE-YEAR-OLD Honey Hipgrave jumps on to her mother's lap, strokes and kisses her bald head and then cheekily declares: "You're a slaphead Mummy."
He told magistrates he tried to grab the boy, who called him a "slaphead", but ended up making contact with the boy's neck and jaw, causing reddening.
g Ro The self-satisfied slaphead is 7-1 with Paddy Power to referee in the top flight next season.