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a boisterous comedy with chases and collisions and practical jokes

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acoustic device consisting of two paddles hinged together

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characterized by horseplay and physical action

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Chevy Chase is ebulliently cheery despite his continuous slap-stick and prat-falling mishaps as well as having an on-going squabble with his cliched yuppie neighbours.
Yet children will get a kick out of the slap-stick humor -- the jubilant fast-talking daughter of the president is priceless -- and adults should appreciate nods to films about time-travel from the 1980s, like "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure'' and "Back to the Future.''
The lifesize bananas, B1 and B2, and their friends embarked on their slap-stick adventures.
So the key was to let go of the thought that a clown has to be slap-stick and stupid all the time.
Helmy said that if for one second he felt that slap-stick actor Adel was disrespecting religion in his work, he would be the first to turn on him and demand his due diligence.
Sadly the mix of slap-stick comedy and stop-motion animation here did more to bring to mind Jason And The Argonauts as re-imagined by The Three Stooges.
Unfortunately the school report card reads: 'Good when applying itself, but could try harder.' It was panned by critics, who didn't appreciate the crude character stereotypes and slap-stick humour, but it's a film about teenage schoolgirls made for teenage schoolgirls, who are bound to appreciate this kind of light-hearted romp.
In a sign of the times, we are also treated to an openly gay boer who runs a flower farm and for some reason has a stock of crocodiles on hand, we also get to hear what Jacob Zuma is when he's not happy and get to see Alfred take on slap-stick comedy in a good way to varying effects.
( Dunn , the star of slap-stick comedy 'Jackass' the TV show, and movie, was killed on Monday after his Porsche flew off the highway and slammed into trees.
NEWCASTLE Falcons sustained a self-inflicted wound in their battle to avoid the drop last night, with a slap-stick moment handing Exeter Chiefs a valuable Aviva Premiership victory.
THE death of Norman Wisdom robs the world of one of the last practitioners of slap-stick comedy.
CHELSEA .................3 EVERTON ..............3 JAMIE HEWITT reports CHELSEA boss Carlo Ancelotti blasted suggestions his side are in crisis after more slap-stick set-piece defending gifted Everton a draw.
Instead, Tarantino starts dabbling with slap-stick comedy, action and revenge drama to largely timid results.
Unfortunately he has incurred the curse of the ruby--with slap-stick comic effect.