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Scottish breed of terrier with shaggy hair and long low body with short legs

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He said: "Dogs are the most common animal to be brought along by their owners because the event is in conjunction with the Skye Terrier Club, but it could be any kind of pet.
Skye terrier Biggles lives with Morag Robson in Stonehouse, Lanarkshire.
It discusses Airedale terriers, American pit bull terriers, Australian terriers, Bedlington terriers, border terriers, bull terriers, cairn terriers, Dandie Dinmont terriers, fell terriers, fox terriers, (smooth or wiry), Glen of Imaal terriers Irish terriers, Jack Russell terriers, Kerry blue terriers, Lakeland terriers, Norfolk terriers, Norwich terriers, Scottish terriers (so well described by Wodehouse as looking like Presbyterians), Sealyham terriers, slky terriers, Skye terriers, Tibetan terriers, Welsh terriers, Yorkshire terriers.
LEGEND has it that Skye terriers are the most loyal dogs in the world, but humans have forgotten to be loyal to them.
But breeder Colin Richardson, who shows Skye terriers and led a protest against the legislation outside the Senedd in January, warned that it would place unmanageable burdens on hobby breeders while being unlikely to dissuade puppy farmers.
The protest saw around 35 people and 60 dogs at Cardiff Bay and Colin Richardson from Bridgend, who shows Skye terriers, said the proposed legislation showed a "fundamental ignorance" by the Assembly Government of dog breeding.
Skye terriers have more hair around the face and Hollywood wants the kids to be able to see the dog's melting eyes, we're told.
Under show rules, a Skye terriers chances of winning depend on the luxuriance of its fringe.
Just 44 Skye terriers were born in the UK last year.