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gull-like jaeger of northern seas

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Arctic skuas are much rarer, more elegant and absolutely tenacious in defence of their nests.
Pomarine skuas nest on the Arctic tundra where they feed largely on lemmings and the young of other birds.
Here he sighted Storm Petrels, Skuas and Shearwaters.
Chicks that stray away from the rookery may become tasty meals for large brown birds called skuas. When my parents returned, they found me by the sound of my voice.
Once out of the outer Hebrides, interactions with minke whales, skuas and one lone starling are a relief from the monster storms that rock his shelter.
After his trip to Inishark, Co Galway, to see the great skuas, he's going in search of more of Ireland's lesser-known feathered friends.
There are also otters as well as birds - comical puffins, guillemots, gannets and even rare Great Skuas (renowned for dive-bombing walkers) all nest here on high sea cliffs such as those at Sumburgh Head.
The cocktail class racer, also known as skuas or plywood skimmers, quickly became a capstone project.
B&B doubles from PS80 10RATHIN ISLAND, NORTHERN IRELAND From PS30pp per night A minuscule (just eight square miles) land of ancient stone walls, marshy meadows, basalt cliffs, a bijou harbour and an assortment of puffins, seals, skuas and falcons.
Then Bloom moves to Antarctica where he photographs different species of penguins, seals, wandering albatrosses and skuas. There are 'Top Tips' on observing wildlife throughout the book and a special section on what to with photographs, just for those that get that close to polar animals.
The remnants of hurricane Isaac hit the Western Isles, delivering a good scattering of American waders, but my brief visit to Co Mayo in Ireland didn't produce the hoped-for seabird species, although good numbers of Sooty Shearwaters passed offshore along with all four species of Skuas.
The illustrator takes the reader underwater with the narwhals, amid the ocean chop as skuas reef fish from terns' beaks, across panoramic spreads following an endless trail of caribou, up through the ice with bowhead whales; they are pictures that affirm his pre-eminence in the world of children's book illustration.
Worse still one or two plates, namely terns and skuas, have arguably deteriorated in quality compared to the originals.
The Brown Skuas act as the island's cleaners and we saw them at work on the carcass of a huge seal.