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Synonyms for Skinner

United States actor (1858-1942)


United States actress noted for her one-woman shows (1901-1979)

United States psychologist and a leading proponent of behaviorism (1904-1990)

a person who prepares or deals in animal skins

a worker who drives mules

References in classic literature ?
Skinner furnished him with a double sheet of paper, and Mr.
Skinner, with his small bowler hat on the back of his head, a fresh cigar in the corner of his mouth, and his thumbs in the armholes of his waistcoat, strolled along Broadway with something akin to a smile parting his lips, and showing his yellow teeth.
And for mule skinners at the world's only college program for riding, training and packing mules, it was a sheer urban-agricultural joy.
Founded two years ago, the award-winning program has trained 110 students and certified two mule skinners for jobs that fetch more than $40 an hour at equestrian centers and on mountain pack trips.
1 -- color) Steve Edwards advises Karen Bodner in what is said to be the world's only class for mule skinners, or mule drivers.
Here are two facts which, in different ways, may go some way to illustrating the depth of Skinners talent as a writer - at the time of writing, 'Frank Skinner' was top of the best-sellers list in the United Kingdom, and 'Frank Skinner' is the only book I have gone out and bought after reviewing it.
Frank Skinner' is the autobiographical account of British television star, stand-up comedian and former rear-of-the-year, Frank Skinner.
As well as his dextrous work with the more emotive aspects of the book, there is another facet of 'Frank Skinner' which stands as a testament to his lengthy schooling - Skinner holds an MA in English Literature.
And Darman proceeded to read through all the statements Skinners had made about him to the press, citing each one by newspaper or magazine, page number, and paragraph number.
It's the worst job in the world," said Sam Skinner.
Lawyers for death row inmate Hank Skinner will tell a Gray County district court judge on Monday that had a 1995 jury seen the results of more than 100 DNA tests conducted since his conviction, it would not have sentenced their client to die.
After more than a decade of fighting over DNA testing and nearly two years of analysis of two-decade-old biological material, evidence that Skinner says should prove his innocence will be the focus of court proceedings.
Skinner maintains he is innocent and was unconscious on the couch at the time of the killings, intoxicated from a mixture of vodka and codeine.
For more than a decade, Skinner has asked the courts to allow testing on a slew of evidence that was not analyzed at his original trial: a rape kit, biological material from Busby's fingernails, sweat from a man's jacket, a bloody towel and knives from the crime scene.