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t], that is, the ratio of unmatched skilled workers to financial intermediaries.
6 million vacancies for skilled workers and that the trend will increase in the coming years.
Thanks to Trump's restrictive policies, skilled workers from countries such as India are turning to Canada instead.
These skilled workers are oil and gas engineers, information-technology professionals, nurses, medical and laboratory technicians, store mangers, sales personnel, communication technicians, maintenance personnel electricians, plumbers and carpenters.
He assured that PSDF in collaboration with Chamber would continue work for skilled workers for industry in order to increase its productivity.
Invitation to tender open procedure for the award of a service contract further development of the skilled workers strategy saxony 2020 for the skilled workers strategy 2030 for the free state of saxony, lot 1: analysis, evaluation and participation processes 12/3/18
Local companies have to understand that skilled workers are acceptable anywhere in the world, and if you want to get skilled workers you have to compete,' Dominguez said.
According to Dominguez, local construction firms need to compete with companies overseas and provide better compensation packages to address the high demand for skilled workers now.
I think this will be skilled workers because he (Manny Villar) is in the construction industry," he said.
Praising the Pakistani skilled workers, he remarked that labour from Pakistan has played a pivotal role in the completion of many development related projects in Qatar.
It also predicts that developed countries where skilled workers are abundant export skill-intensive goods, while developing countries where unskilled workers are abundant export unskilled-intensive goods.
The government is helping to develop skilled workers in 48 different trades and also has 70 technical training centres (TTC) for skill development.
MCCI President Malik Israr Ahmad Awan termed the event a good opportunity for the skilled workers to market their hand-made and novel products.
The classification is based on skill levels, focusing on whether skilled workers or limited skills workers are employed.
Summary: Companies classified into three categories, based on ratio of skilled workers, commitment to cultural diversity