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(Greek mythology) a sea nymph transformed into a sea monster who lived on one side of a narrow strait

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Despite a challenging economy, Anita Skillas led her 90-person team to achieve increases in sales, gross profit and net profit.
The first to help out on any project or fundraiser, Skillas volunteers for Barton's Boosters, a program to enhance children's health and welfare, and the Healing Hearts Foundation, which aids those suffering from the loss of a child.
Charles Skillas will describe his model of disease based on energetic internal Negative Forcing Functions.
In reply, Totters were soon on the back foot with Andy Beale (5-22) and Fran Wilkinson (3-14) both bowling with aggression and skillas threy were all out for 45.
TransCore's developed mobile applications for customer-specific projects since smart phones and tablets were first introduced, but today's public release now provides all TransSuite users with access to this easy-to-use and convenient mobile technology," commented Bill Skillas, TransCore vice president.