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tracked vehicle for travel on snow having skis in front

ride a snowmobile

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The OEM track speed sensors on the Ski-Doo snowmobiles were also recorded by the DL2 to monitor track rotation and lockup.
John and |Rachel Sutton come over all James Bond on a Ski-Doo
Yn eithafoedd yr Arctig lle nad yw'r haul yn machlud a'r tymheredd prin yn codi dros y rhewbwynt, yr unig ffordd i deithio ar hyd yr eira yw ar gefn Ski-doo. Bydd Wil ac Aeron yn ymgartrefu gyda dau deulu "Sami" ac yn profi eu ffordd o fyw.
In the extreme regions of the Arctic where the temperature rarely reaches above freezing, and the only way to travel across the snowy terrain is on a Ski-doo, the two friends will turn their herding skills towards reindeer as thousands of them migrate North across 200 miles of Northern Norway's frozen landscape.
I tell my children that they are lucky they do not have to wear ski-doo pants (trousers) to school and avoid the embarrassing 'swish swish' noise they would make walking the hallways.For those that don't know, ski pants are trousers worn to keep warm while skiing but are worn in very cold climates whenever going outdoors for long periods of time.
In addition to Honda motorsports and power equipment, DogHouse also carries BRP, Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo and Can-Am, and it services what it sells.
A few days ago, one First Nation member and myself went inland on the ski-doo to share stories and jokes, and to discuss the importance of aki to local harvesters.
I went on a moonlight adventure with Lapland Safaris, snaking through thick forest trails on my Ski-Doo, before stopping in a clearing on the edge of a frozen lake to defrost with hot berry juice and sausages cooked on a campfire.
This was the first of many non-skating athletic endeavors on the trip, and already Leo and Johnny were displaying their innate gifts--fearlessness and power, respectively, with Layton literally bunny-hopping the 300-pound Ski-Doo out of the water using only his upper body.
It all felt quite James Bond-like as we drove through the black forest, and as the light from the Ski-Doo hit the snow, it was transformed into a carpet of diamonds, with the trees looking like ghostly sculptures from a different planet looming out of the darkness.
And the Rangers, of course, they come with their own gear; they come with their Ski-Doo, they come with their trailer and so forth.
Their actual challenges this week include a ski-doo race, reindeer herding, celebrity tobogganing and making jokes about Gavin's fake tan.
In this Inuit hamlet of one hundred and fifty people, my students cheered for me when I jumped a crack in the sea ice on my Ski-Doo. As a new teacher, I didn't think it unusual when I supervised school field trips where I was the only unarmed person.