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an oblique or slanting asymmetry

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However, it is not without an overriding problem of highly skewed distributions of scores.
As discussed earlier, a skewed distribution in the geographic area of mapping units can cause distortion in the visual weight assigned to each class.
The legislation is aimed at correcting the skewed distribution of parliamentary seats in rural and urban areas.
This skewed distribution of BRAF mutations among melanomas, along with other genetic alterations, strongly suggests that there are distinct pathways to melanoma, Dr.
A result of the skewed distribution of CRP concentrations is that even if true quartiles had been used, the interquartile spacing would increase markedly as the mean CRP concentration increased.
The skewed distribution was generated on the basis of standard gaussian distributed values subjected to the inverse of the Manly exponential transformation {y = [log (1 + ky)]/k} with a selected parameter producing a coefficient of skewness of 1.
Despite the skewed distribution, differences in measurements (cholesterol vs mass), and the wider total population variance of the Lp(a)-mass values (SD, 113% of mean) when compared with Lp(a)-C (SD, 88% of mean), comparisons of all subjects at the 75th percentile [Lp(a) mass of 0.
Because of the skewed distribution of the insulin index indicators in each gender, a Spearman rank correlation analysis was performed to measure the linear relationship between covariates and three indicators of insulin resistance syndrome.
However, we are concerned that this skewed distribution indicates either that students are self-selecting, or that schools are applying a different entry requirement for physics than for other subjects.
The skewed distribution of leak rates and the presence of a few large leaks that account for most of the emissions is an obvious target for developing methods to detect and then repair the largest leaks," Lamb said.
In this paper we focus on one of the most common characteristics, a skewed distribution.
Case studies from Pakistan, the Philippines and Viet Nam in the new report well illustrate this skewed distribution of services.
Singh, Lucas, Dalpatadu, and Murphy challenge the current standard use of the central limit theorem to approximate confidence limits for casino win and rebates on loss on games that have a skewed distribution (such as slots and baccarat).
However, 8 of the scale's 11 components (all except for word recall, word recognition, and orientation) had statistically significant ceiling effects with a skewed distribution of scores (Alzheimers Dement.
In non-technical terms, he explains the important concepts of heavy-tailed distribution, skewed distribution, and heteroscedasticity--how common methods can produce very misleading results and why people thought for so long that they were safe.