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an oblique or slanting asymmetry

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21] In comparison, the Gamma model processes the data with the log linked gamma distribution with regard to the skewed distribution characteristics of the cost data, ensures the integrity of the original data information, and avoids the conversion bias.
All models were fit in R using the glm() function and in Mplus with bootstrapping to countenance the skewed distribution of AUC.
E]), for which, as Swan and Tyworth (2001, 19) point out, "The gamma distribution is theoretically appealing because it has non-negative values and can approximate both bell-shaped and skewed distributions.
In the real world, queries tend to have skewed distribution, meaning that users tend to focus on data in a space area.
The skewed distribution of leak rates and the presence of a few large leaks that account for most of the emissions is an obvious target for developing methods to detect and then repair the largest leaks," Lamb said.
In this paper we focus on one of the most common characteristics, a skewed distribution.
On the other hand Wu (2004) reported that a problem occurred when sampling was made from a highly skewed distribution where outliers were more common in the right tail than in the left or vice versa.
If mean is maximum and mode is least and the median lies in between the two then it is called positive skewed distribution.
Singh, Lucas, Dalpatadu, and Murphy challenge the current standard use of the central limit theorem to approximate confidence limits for casino win and rebates on loss on games that have a skewed distribution (such as slots and baccarat).
However, 8 of the scale's 11 components (all except for word recall, word recognition, and orientation) had statistically significant ceiling effects with a skewed distribution of scores (Alzheimers Dement.
This distribution also closely mirrors the highly skewed distribution observed for creative productivity (Huber, 2000; Simonton, 1997).
It would be difficult to imagine this sort of strategy working in the Latin American context where import substitution was combined with a much more skewed distribution of rural assets.
Because of the skewed distribution of breast density change, a Wilcoxon signed-rank test was performed to determine if the change in breast density varied with treatment.
In non-technical terms, he explains the important concepts of heavy-tailed distribution, skewed distribution, and heteroscedasticity--how common methods can produce very misleading results and why people thought for so long that they were safe.