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fossil primates found in India

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Habitat requirements and the extinction of the Miocene ape, Sivapithecus.
The fact that the pongine Sivapithecus is first recorded at ca.
In analyses of less complete Ankarapithecus fossils, other researchers have drawn direct links between the Turkish ape and the Asian fossil ape Sivapithecus, as well as with modern orangutans.
They speculate that Dryopithecus spawned a related extinct ape, Sivapithecus, whose fossils have been fond in Asia, and that it eventually led to modern orangutans.
Dryopithecus emerged in Europe, and its fossil relatives Lufengpithecus and Sivapithecus appeared in China and South Asia, respectively.
The first discovery of substantial limb remains from an ancient ape known as Sivapithecus, unearthed from 9- to 11-million-year-old sediments in Pakistan, raises perplexing questions about the creature's evolutionary standing.
From about 15 million to 7 million years ago, as many as five genera on the orangutan lineage lived throughout central Europe and Asia, including Ouranopithecus, Sivapithecus in south Asia and Lufengpithecus in China, Delson contends.
africanus is comparable to that previously measured in modern humans and in Sivapithecus, an 8-million-year-old ancestor of modern orangutans.
Leakey and Walker originally assigned the find to another genus, Sivapithecus.