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the destroyer


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This book presents and analyzes an abundant South-Indian corpus of sculpted representations concerned with Siva as a criminal, the Horrific Bhairava ("I'Effroyable") produced--or supposed to have been produced--between the eighth and the thirteenth centuries.
CRISIL believes that Siva Sankar Motors will continue to benefit from its promoters' experience in the automobile dealership business.
Both the Siva and Batelco groups are assisting in the process but we have to decide which circles we will be bidding for," said Mr Kaliaropoulos.
Siva is worshiped as Linga which is the unseen background
SIVAs would have provided an opportunity to bring a debtor's affairs within a statutory framework for repayment, one to which he or she may not currently have access.
I am very proud of having developed a company attracting interest from a global player such as Siva Ventures", commented Johan Benad Ugland, chairman of JB Ugland Shipping.
Siva was offered the job with a salary of almost 30% above his initial expectations.
But the group said to ensure the integrity of the scheme, people whose conduct had been irresponsible, reckless or dishonest would be barred from taking out an IVA or SIVA, and creditors would still have the right to appeal to the courts.
Where Each Is Both, then, is a Nataraja, or dancing Siva, and has dancing alter egos.
5 lakh such persons in India, NGOs working in the segment claim the numbers to be around 20- 25 lakh, who face discrimination, said Siva.
Canto and Cajilig also wore their liturgical vestments and cocelebrated the Mass with Siva.
Following the cancellation of 2G licences by India's Supreme Court in February 2012, BMIC sought to implement an agreed put option which under certain circumstances, such as the cancellation of S Tel's 2G licence, or a failure by Siva to secure debt financing, would ensure that Siva bought back the shares acquired by BMIC at the price paid originally.
MANAMA: Batelco Group has won a multi-million-dollar claim against its former Indian mobile investment partner Siva Limited and its chairman Chinnakannan Sivasankaran.
Batelco had sued Siva and its chairman Chinnakannan Sivasankaran for money it paid for a 43 per cent stake in Indian operator S Tel.
com)-- Siva, a non-descript individual whom you would miss for a nerd next door, is creating buzz in the IT industry by making a landmark contribution to Spring framework - the most popular framework in the IT industry.