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English poet (1887-1964)

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Though Colvin would eventually assist Stevenson with publishing connections, it was Sitwell who pulled Stevenson through those storm-ridden months of family angst.
With her loyalty lying with the protagonists, Agent Hill denies any knowledge of the pair, but can't resist taunting Sitwell after.
First published in the UK and now updated and revised for American readers, this book by British TV personality Sitwell (editor, Waitrose Kitchen) uses recipes from ancient times to the present to look at the chefs, cooks, dishes, and technological innovations that have changed our world and the way we eat.
F R Leavis, the great literary critic, once described the Sitwell siblings as belonging more to the history of publicity than of poetry, and the same might be said of Spender.
Food writer William Sitwell is also on hand, making the claim that sliced white bread is the best thing since, well, sliced white bread.
He did many portraits of his close friend Lady Caroline Paget and others in London society such as Cecil Beaton and Edith Sitwell.
Shane Redgrave, 29, of Sitwell Avenue, Long Itchington, also tried to rob a vulnerable victim in the street a fortnight before.
Tudor House became - for a time - an Inn, and then a farm before, in around 1760, being bought by Francis Hurt Sitwell.
1922: The first performance of William Walton's Facade, in the Sitwell family drawing room in Carlyle Square, London.
And I actually learned a few things, courtesy of resident expert William Sitwell, who awkwardly interjected from the sidelines every now and then with an interesting fact.
The book also has stated that she was fond of the mystical poet Edith Sitwell and the Poet Laureate Ted Hughes, who was a regular and favoured guest.
We do however find some reference to Britten's thoughts about his creative development in a letter of April 1955 to Edith Sitwell (no.
In this intriguing documentary, William Sitwell investigates the passions and pressures attached to being a Michelin-starred chef.
BRITAIN'S BEST DISH, ITV1, Monday to Friday, 5pm: Food experts Charles Campion, Mary Cadogan and William Sitwell join the judges, including Jilly Goolden and John Burton Race, to pick the best starters, main courses and puddings to go through to Friday's grand final, in which Anthea Turner helps decide Britain's Best Dish.
In 1918, when she arrived in England, she was hailed by critic Osbert Sitwell as "the revelation" of the season.