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Dutch astronomer who calculated the size of the universe and suggested that it is expanding (1872-1934)

an organism (person or animal) that sits

a person engaged to care for children when the parents are not home

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a person who poses for a painter or sculptor

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a domestic hen ready to brood

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It will be nice to get another chance to play Larkin," Sitter said.
Pet sitters come to the home daily and animals are able to keep their regular routines for meals, walks, medication and one-on-one care and attention.
In anti-de Sitter space, the cosmic censorship conjecture might be saved by the weak gravity conjecture.
Take the time to set up a meet-and-greet between a pet sitter and your cat at home to gauge compatibility.
Whether you're away for business or a holiday get-away, your options, after friends and family, are hiring a professional pet sitter or taking your dog to a boarding facility.
The first endeavour at naming the sitter came in the early nineteenth century, after the painting had passed through two English collections as a portrait of an unidentified man.
Sitters are required to be awake regardless of shift assignment.
Alison, a nurse, said: "I received a message from the sitter the next day after I prompted her.
WARE -- Baystate Mary Lane Hospital will sponsor a Baby sitters Academy in July to ready area youth for summer and fall baby-sitting responsibilities.
Despite potential benefits of a sitter program related to patient safety, its use is of concern to hospital administrators and clinicians alike (Blumenfield et al.
Wouldn't having your baby sitter nearby come in handy?
The Sitter (15, 81 mins) After appearing in Knocked Up and Superbad, Cyrus gave us the first glimpse of Jonah Hill's real potential.
SITTER (15) Verdict: THE most interesting thing about this week's Oscar nominations was not who was in, but who was left out.
THE SITTER 81mins 15 WHILE billed as a comedy, this one contains as many chortles as your average video nasty.
My Baby Sitter Is a T-Rex" is a level 1-2 We Both Read series book for child-adult companion reading.