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"Abu Sitta" is quite right, the Palestinian leadership, factions and elites immersed in changing the national project, facing defeats, power imbalances, variations, repeated failure, severe lack of awareness and weak willpower.
One doctor, however, Abu Sitta, who was in Amman at the time, told him of the possibility of planting an artificial eye for him after repairing the cavity caused in his head to separate the tear and nose ducts.
| Delor y cnau (Sitta europea; Nuthatch) -y Felly, mi wnes i setlo i lawr hefo paned o goffi o flaen y ffenest yng nghyfforddusrwydd ystafell glyd i wylio'r ddrama oedd yn agor o fy mlaen yn yr ardd.
Chairman Talal Meshleh said: "Following the selection of Bahrain as the main center for the Middle East and North Africa, the office was officially opened under the patronage of Princess Sitta bint Miteeb bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and Minister of Electricity and Water Affairs Dr Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza, Gulf Industry Fair gives us the opportunity to showcase a technology that will allow Bahrain to safely and efficiently supply its citizens with grid-level power without requiring new power transmission lines."
Some of the wells are popular tourist sites, such as Bir Sitta, Bir Sab'a and Bir Ithnian, due to their warm water and low percentage of sulfur, which is very favorable for swimming and relaxation.
We extend the host range of Collyriculm faba to include apodiform birds (Apus apus, Apus melba, and Apus pallidus) and the passerine Sitta europaea (Eurasian nuthatch).
Salman Abu Sitta, Chairperson of the organisation, told Al Jazeera that these African countries have been "hard, determined fighters" in the battle against western colonialism.
[1.] Auvert B, Taljaard D, Lagarde E, Sobngwi-Tambekou J, Sitta R, Puren A.
Ghassan Abou Sitta, and members of the AUB medical community, faculty and staff.
Santin G, Geoffroy B, Benezet L, Delezire P, Chatelot J, Sitta R, et al.
On the other hand, during crack down against quacks on the directives of Sindh High Court two quack clinics and one laboratory were sealed in Sitta Road town of Dadu district while FIRs were also registered in the regard.
Meanwhile the Minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla has also taken notice of the news item appeared in newspapers that some miscreants wanted to demolish temple Sitta Mata near Karachi Zoological Garden.
When Al Sarraj and his Presidential Council arrived by sea in April (they were refused permission to fly from self-imposed exile in Tunis by the elected parliament) they were unable to progress beyond the Bu Sitta naval base, just outside Tripoli; and here they remain in what has become a Baghdad-style 'green zone'.