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According to Abu Sitta, the concept of the technology is relatively straightforward.
In what political analysts called desperate times for the CCM, facing a disconcerted electorate, Minister for Transport Samuel Sitta announced in early August that the government was in the "final stages" of absorbing the more than Tsh133 billion ($63 million) of Air Tanzania's debts.
Dharwar Dry and Sitta showed the suitability of these genotypes for water deficit areas.
xii) A striking indicator of this silencing is the fact that it was not until 2014 that a detailed account was published of the labour camps in which the Israeli military held Palestinian civilians during 1948 (Abu Sitta & Rempel 2014).
The SCP said the government re-arrested Samia Babiker a day after she was released besides five other members including Ali Abu Sitta, Mutasim Yahia Ahmed, Osama al-Dai al-Noor, Asim Hamad, and Abdel-Aziz Adam.
She will be pitted against other presidential candidates including former Prime Minister Edward Lowassa, who resigned five years ago after being implicated in a corruption scandal, Foreign Minister Bernard Membe and Minister for East African Cooperation, Samuel Sitta.
Salman Abu Sitta is one of Palestine's foremost historians.
We are not trying to obliterate any other history - we are trying to say that we will not allow you (Israel) to erase ours," Abu Sitta explained.
We are not trying to obliterate any other's history -- we are trying to say that we will not allow you (Israel) to erase ours," Abu Sitta said.
He referred to the robbery committed at Sabrin Markets at Karari Locality, Suk Sitta market in Eastern of the Nile Locality, besides robbery inflicted on houses of a number of citizens.
Salman Abu Sitta, was scheduled to give his speech, we received an email from the director of the student activities office informing us that our group was under investigation for our actions the previous night and that our event was canceled.
Segun Jacob, De-laCroix y Hallet's (2010:13), el primer lipdub corporativo fue creado por la agencia norteamericana Connected Ventures en 2007 (Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger).
O artigo Gestao em saude: as representacoes de estudantes da graduacao das autoras Arakawa, Sitta, Caldana e Machado e a vigesima terceira contribuicao.
Sitta MC, De Souza RR, Costa JBV, Santarem Sobrinho JM, Jacob Filho W.