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a town in southeastern Alaska that was the capital of Russian America and served as the capital of Alaska from 1867 until 1906

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It was August 1984, and I was on my first bowhunt for Sitka blacktail deer.
And during all that time, some of the best moments I've had have been bowhunting Sitka blacktail deer and writing for Bowhunter Magazine.
The Yiddish Policemen's Union also performs this postmodern balancing act as it depicts a gritty, urban landscape that is both familiar and fantastic, in the realm of Sitka, Alaska.
In Chabon's imaginary homeland, however, Landsman and the Jews in Sitka seem to have been not encouraged, but rather burdened by the attempted reconstruction of their old homelands.
In December you can hunt Sitkas as they concentrate near the beach.
Everywhere else, Sitkas share their territory with brown bears.
A half mile away across the valley, the tan outline of a Sitka blacktail deer appeared silhouetted on a narrow ridgeline, and as I studied the deer in profile I could see sunlight glistening off heavy antlers.
Most Kodiak bowhunting focuses on the area's abundant population of Sitka blacktail deer, introduced in the 1930s.
You will quickly see patterns emerge, like Colorado for giant mule deer and certain Alaskan islands for huge Sitka blacktail deer.
A sub-species of the northwestern Columbia blacktail, the Sitka deer is without doubt one of America's least known and hunted ungulates.
Home to Sitka deer, black bear and introduced elk, the Etolin ecosystem also supports a healthy population of wolves.
Those species include whitetails, mule deer, Coues deer, Sitka blacktails, and Columbian blacktails (the Columbian whitetail is another, but it isn't recognized by the Pope and Young Club at this point).
AUTHOR'S NOTES: My equipment on this hunt included a Mathews Z7, Easton Carbon Injexion arrows, Muzzy DX-3 broadheads, Spot-Hogg Hunter Hogg-It sight, Sitka Gear clothing, and Kenetrek boots.
The year was 1986, and that was my second trip after Sitka deer.
Nine are available to nonresidents hunting without a guide: moose, caribou, black bear, Sitka blacktail deer, musk ox, elk, bison, wolf, and wolverine.