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a town in southeastern Alaska that was the capital of Russian America and served as the capital of Alaska from 1867 until 1906

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This year there will also be kayak races at Swan Lake, a barn dance, a running/shooting biathlon, writing contest, and showings of "Paris of the Pacific," a "melodrama of love, life, poverty, and strife in 1867 Sitka" produced by the Greater Sitka Arts Council.
Bill Walker planned to tour Sitka on Wednesday to observe the damage.
According to the company, it will connect health care providers in rural clinics with their counterparts at JAMHI and Sitka Community Hospital in Juneau and Sitka, using telemedicine devices.
To support this new contract, Civeo will develop a new accommodations facility, to be named Sitka Lodge, which will include private washrooms, recreational facilities and other amenities.
You've never seen a body-mapping process like the one Sitka Gear has introduced on its new Celcius Shacket.
What part did the town of Sitka play in North American history from 1804-67?
beginning May 4; four daily flights to Boise, Idaho, beginning May 4; one seasonal daily flight to Ketchikan, Alaska beginning May 15; and one seasonal daily flight to Sitka, Alaska beginning May 15.
The event will be at the studios of Sitka Creations at The Phoenix Park, 2 Shaker Road, Suite D101, Shirley.
There weren't any when I left Sitka, high school diploma clenched in my hand, on my lips a determined vow never to return.
FOR ANYONE CHASING the Deer Slam, the Sitka blacktail may be the hardest leg, simply because of the logistics and expense involved.
Ryan, of Sitka, Alaska, said: "I never thought I was going to die but I was worried about Mac.
New Crystal Adventures will include Sitka Sound Science Center Volunteering; Champagne and Glaciers by Helicopter tour; and White Pass Scenic Railway and Bike Ride.
On a slope above the Sitka National Historical Park visitor center, Raven, the creator, giver of light and fire, sits high atop a red cedar totem pole.
Jeff fits the bill perfectly," said Kevin Sloan, Sitka Gear president.
Head for the coast on Saturday and help celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, just north of Lincoln City.