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a stomach exercise in which a person sits up from a supine position without using the arms for leverage

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Gabby P4 We had races including hopping, skipping, running and although I liked it all my favourite was probably the half sit-ups.
Actor Iresh Zaker changed the profile picture on his fan page with a photo of him holding ears and doing sit-ups. One Pradip Ghosh shared a photo of him holding ears and wrote, "Let's seek forgiveness from the teacher by holding our ears.
Monitor your food intake levels and this will reduce the stomach area, unlike sit-ups, which are for toning only.
The six events were: 1) West Point's Indoor Obstacle Course Test (IOCT), 2) foot march, 3) push-ups, 4) sit-ups, 5) pull-ups, and 6) 2-mile run.
Day One: 15 sit-ups, five crunches, five leg raises and 10-second plank (static push-up position with the body's weight borne on just the forearms, elbows and toes).
Captain Ian Flannery pledged to do as many sit-ups as possible in two-and-hours in aid of the Captain James Philippson Trust Fund.
In that study, researchers measured the children's fitness based on measures of hand strength, leg strength, run times, sit-ups, and physical work capacity at 170 beats per minute (PWC170).
He then marked becoming the first Brit to win both golds in a Games by doing sit-ups. Draped in a flag, Mo celebrated with proud wife Tania - who will give birth to twins within weeks - and daughter Rihanna.
During the event, each half-hour session will involve 18 minutes of hammering at punch bags, followed by a barrage of sit-ups, leg raises, step-ups, squats and push-outs with a 4kg medicine ball.
To perform sit-ups, lie on your back on the floor and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle.
They finally took to slapping the men, and even made them do sit-ups.
Some men who forcibly entered Delhi Metro coaches reserved for the fairer sex, got a taste of women power in Gurgaon when they were thrashed and made to do sit-ups.
Al-Bilbeisi and McCool (2000) evaluated the use of sit-ups, bench press, biceps curls and a power lift to examine which had the greatest effect on transdiaphragmatic pressure (Pdi); concluding Pdi was at a maximum while inhaling during the sit-up exercise.
You can do everything from push-ups, sit-ups and lunges to yoga poses on it, but the subtle up-and-down motion makes those movements more challenging.
We love her slow-going take on sit-ups. She promises it'll give ya "a flat, toned stomach." These moves give ya a cardio blast, too, so try 'em out three days a week.