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Synonyms for situation comedy

a humorous drama based on situations that might arise in day-to-day life


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a humorous television program based on situations that could arise in everyday life

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Unlike most sit-coms on TV these days, the fathers are not dribbling idiots.
With whom did Caroline Aherne work on the creation and writing of the hit sit-com The Royle Family?
O'Neill, 61, who plays hapless shoe salesman Al Bundy in the long-running US sit-com, is planning a trip to Ireland soon.
She creates the lesbian-centered sit-com that you WISH were on TV, a queer WKRP if you will.
Will (Eric McCormack) and Jack (Sean Hayes) wake up in bed together, with no recollection of the night before, as the sixth series of the hit Channel 4 sit-com comes to DVD in this box set, featuring all 24 hilarious episodes.
More recently viewers were treated to ``Married With Children'' cynicism - sit-com sleaze with a smirk.
Speaking in Nottingham to the European Foundation for Management Development, his speech was peppered with references to the classic sit-com, comparing Sir Humphrey's keeping the public (and his minister) in the dark to his own courageous commitment to open government.
Morrissey, who played useless Tony in the hit series and is now in a new BBC sit-com called Carrie and Barrie, took it easy as lawyer Emma Killick lugged heavy boxes into his North London home.
Online strategy, design and development agency Egovision will be delivering and managing a new web site for US sit-com Will & Grace.
ACTOR John Grieve, left, who starred in the BBC TV sit-com The Vital Spark, was laid to rest yesterday.
Unless the NASDAQ reverses its decline, you can bet those of us born after 1970 will soon get yet another media image, if not another sit-com plot twist.
ScriptThing's fans range from Ron Nyswaner (Philadelphia) to the producers of Suddenly Susan and Seinfeld (along with movie format, the package includes sit-com, as well as stage play and multi-media for designing games and CD-ROMS).
The 44-year-old actress said that she gets asked about the comeback of the famous sit-com a lot, the Daily Express reported.
Because this new series comes from writers of that hit sit-com, Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, so expectations are going to be very high right from the off.
The 86-year-old, who played flirty Doris in the hit sit-com, died at her home near Swansea.