sit-down strike

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a strike in which workers refuse to leave the workplace until a settlement is reached


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We have laid down all our basis, we have given him enough time already and since it seems that he does not care at all, then we have no choice but to heighten up our protest [so] we are now going to stage a nationwide sit down strike," he added.
The gathering saw a 24-hour sit down strike with members of major union confederations of workers and civil servants.
Voluntary medical teams are treating the workers who have fell ill during the sit down strike in front of the Turk-Is HQ.
Starting with the Great Upheaval of 1877, when working class communities rose up against railway tycoons and shook the ruling order, through the sit down strikes in the rubber and automobile industries, which signalled the emergence of the Congress of Industrial Organisations and the legitimisation of workers' collective bargaining rights, Strike
Carlos Schwantes, "'We've Got 'em on the Run, Brothers': The 1937 Non-Automotive Sit Down Strikes in Detroit," Michigan History 56 (Fall 1972): 179-99; Leuchtenburg, Franklin D.