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both extremely effortful and futile

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Not that Pete has a blanket aversion to Sisyphean tasks.
Monitoring bacterial indicators of water quality in a tidally influenced delta: A Sisyphean pursuit.
The protracted debates at the WTO in Geneva over the last two years and the disruptive negotiating tactics of some members, however, underscored that getting the consensus necessary to move the agenda forward is arguably more than "just" a Sisyphean task.
I can't tell you how many times I've done a Google search and clicked on a promising result, only to realize I was on an infinitely scrolling page--and finding the information that was pertinent to me was a Sisyphean task of scrolling, with jumpy pages and a generally terrible user experience.
And the intellectual drama of the novel revolves around Eve's Sisyphean battle to write her way out of this passivity.
Pointless or interminable activities are sometimes described as Sisyphean.
It is rusting away, and we should be grateful to all those who have undertaken the Sisyphean task of trying to stop its deterioration.
Kissinger does make it clear that, because of a number of factors in the Middle East, the goal of building democracies where none have existed, given the presence of significant and nearly insurmountable obstacles, has resulted in a Sisyphean nightmare in Iraq.
Much of it consisted of his recounting Sisyphean battles to keep college sports"clean" and high-stakes negotiations with the television networks.
An upcoming band from Portland's tech metal scene, Sisyphean Conscience, is bringing its progressive metal music to Cozmic on Sunday.
And second, the road is still a Sisyphean task under German control and not yet a Congolese highway.
WHAT DO YOU get when you combine a Gordian knot with a Sisyphean task?
They also show that even with considerable resources and effort, getting ahead of cybercrime can be a Sisyphean ordeal.
NINs' latest tour promises to serve up another bone-crunching, flesh-pounding and intensely riveting set of Sisyphean symphonies, nihilistic (de)compositions and plenty of (spoiled) food for thought for the wretched to devour.