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both extremely effortful and futile

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The materials and preoccupation here may look like those from the past, but they seem to signify something very different--if only, perhaps, the Sisyphean curse of having to endlessly reenact the battles of twentieth-century art in a fog.
As the rain kept coming, race officials tried to dry the track with a blower, but after five minutes of Sisyphean effort, the race was finally called.
But mice soon nibble the banner, and Antonina begins a lifelong Sisyphean task of mending the symbol of this one moment of joy and social recognition.
The translator Ivan Sanders had to tackle a Sisyphean task requiring superhuman effort, stamina, mastery of languages, and a classical education; what he has accomplished is worthy of the original's stupendous complexity.
It's almost a Sisyphean challenge to stay sane and positive after all the violence, death, threats of nuclear war and economic collapse, and erosion of human decency that defined 2017.
To cherry-pick outstanding examples from among so reductivist a group--and granting the considerable resemblances among them--would be a connoisseur's Sisyphean task.
In particular, Abbasi's physical stamina during his Sisyphean task of repeatedly carting his sister up a muddy mountain in a wheelbarrow is most impressive.
Eliseu's Sisyphean venture mirrors a textuality governed by an irresistible force, comparable to the sway of Fate in Greek literature of classical vintage.
Our protagonist labors out of bed, replaces the bowling ball, and hulks off-screen--presumably to a job--only for the Sisyphean scene to repeat again and again.
The youngest and most sociable of the group--all on welfare or disability--he confesses to "a hopeless, Sisyphean life" in which no wedding, funeral, or appointment could take priority over a screening.
"Pandemonium" was, in fact, a low-key exhibition that nevertheless opened up like a lotus flower, with fragile and process-oriented works that required time and careful attention--no sociopornographic Wunderkammer or neocolonial quests for the uninformed other, but rather a Sisyphean, slightly melancholic gesture toward rebuilding the world.
This is no boys-in-the-hood, gang or crime meller, but a domestic drama about characters whose struggles are unsensationalized, largely invisible to society at large, yet Sisyphean nonetheless.
Molodkin's ballpoint drawings evoke Sisyphean manual labor, whereas in his sculptures he makes full use of high technology.
Complete with spoken excerpts from William Blake's "Songs of Innocence and Experience," fuzzy-platitudinous dialogue and "enigmatic" individual scenes, "Faith of Our Fathers" seems to be shouldering some Sisyphean weight of moral integrity up a steep hill.
If the punishingly Sisyphean labor of stymieing referentiality and representation-derived content is a given, Barre works even harder, giving the work's precise attempt at becoming itself and nothing else extraordinarily rapt attention.