Sir Yehudi Menuhin

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British violinist (born in the United States) who began his career as a child prodigy in the 1920s (1916-1999)

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Ashly, 22, has been chosen to play British ballerina Diana Menuhin, the wife of renowned violinist Sir Yehudi Menuhin.
HOLIDAY BEAT: Pretty Gstaad is home to Sir Yehudi Menuhin's festival
Sir Yehudi Menuhin, the world-famous violinist, wrote an introduction to the book in which he says: "I feel it is an occasion to recognise that these beautiful drawings are not only a feast for the eye but a reminder of our companions among the myriad voices of life." James first met the Queen Mother in Durham Cathedral in 1988 after designing the Northumbrian Quilt, now in Bowes Museum, County Durham, with other local craftspeople.
Kennedy, a child prodigy taught by Sir Yehudi Menuhin, was one of the first artists to popularise classical music.
He has col lab orated with an array of outstanding artists, from Sir Yehudi Menuhin to Phil Collins, to produce a wide collection of highly rated recordings such as the Brit Award-winning Elgar Concerto and the successful Cello Moods CDs.