Sir Richard Francis Burton

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English explorer who with John Speke was the first European to explore Lake Tanganyika (1821-1890)

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Sir Richard Francis Burton, a contemporary, once said: "Stanley shoots Africans as if they were monkeys.
After the way members of his entourage who failed to complete the 7,000-mile trip were allegedly dispatched, Sir Richard Francis Burton, one of his contemporaries, said: "Stanley shoots negroes as if they were monkeys.
Sir Richard Francis Burton was also sent out by the society to find the source of the Nile, but it was his second-in-command, Captain John Hanning Speke, who found Lake Victoria and succeeded in discovering the main source of the White Nile.
Only in 1856, when Sir Richard Francis Burton and Captain John Speke chose to enter Africa at Zanzibar and travel into the interior from there, did finding the source begin to look increasingly likely.
Rather, the pattern of the natural scientist laboring to collect useful, thorough geographic and ethnographic information fits Sir Richard Francis Burton far more so than it does Stanley.
However, this vital if incomplete source of information leads me to believe that he is referring to the same edition as is catalogued in the British Library under the heading of Sir Richard Francis Burton, Arabian Nights, 16 vol.
O aventureiro Burton, Os superlativos e o legendario perseguem a figura de Sir Richard Francis Burton, onde se fundem verdades e mitos sobre a vida sem raizes de um homem que, nascido em urna epoca de aparente conservadorismo, foi um exemplo de carater contestador, espirito inquieto e alma cigana, e cuja extensa producao bibliografica desafia a de qualquer outro viajante ou explorador pela variedade dos aspectos e poder descritivo.
One key figure curiously neglected is Sir Richard Francis Burton, an explorer of Africa and Arabia, but, all in all, a fine collection of writers.