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British choreographer (1906-1988)


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There I was," she writes, "on the dais with 'Papa [Ted] Shawn,' my mother's teacher, whom I had known since I was five, and Sir Frederick Ashton, the ballet choreographer I most revered in all the world
Jonathan Payn and Silvia Jimenez as Edward and Alice Elgar in Birmingham Royal Ballet's production of Enigma Variations, originally choreographed by Sir Frederick Ashton in 1968.
The local production is based in great part on the version performed by the Royal Ballet Company in 1945, choreographed by Sir Frederick Ashton and featuring Sergei Prokofiev's score.
FOR their visit to the Rep, while the Hippodrome is closed for refurbishment, Birmingham Royal Ballet has chosen a tribute to its founder choreographer Sir Frederick Ashton.
La Fille mal garde, created by Sir Frederick Ashton, one of the greatest choreographers of the 20th Century, had its world premiere in 1960 at the Royal Opera House.
I've worked internationally a lot and I've met great people from European dance and American dance," he adds, reeling off the names of ballet legends Dame Ninette de Valois and Sir Frederick Ashton.
There is also a recreation of 1926 ballet, A Tragedy of Fashion, created for the company by Sir Frederick Ashton.
Sir Frederick Ashton utilized ballet vocabulary as naturally as Sir Lawrence Olivier spoke Shakespearean verse.
To mark the centenary year of the birth of Rambert's founding choreographer, Sir Frederick Ashton, the company is presenting a selection of works created by both classic and contemporary choreographers.
As a result, the Enigma Variations was produced as a ballet,choreographed by Sir Frederick Ashton.
But the evening was saved by the concluding piece - the much-loved Faade, with choreography by Sir Frederick Ashton and music (once again) by Walton.
In July the city sizzles, but fortunately nothing fazed Birmingham Royal Ballet who joined a triple bill at the Met in honour of Sir Frederick Ashton, one of the founding artists of modern ballet, whose works have an English elegance that clearly delighted New Yorkers who packed the house earlier this week.
The Lincoln Center Festival will celebrate the centenary of Sir Frederick Ashton by inviting four companies--The Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, K Ballet of Tokyo (in its U.
The evening's first offering was Symphonic Variations by Sir Frederick Ashton with music by Cesar Franck.
It may be stating the blindingly obvious, but this two CD tribute to Sir Frederick Ashton (choreographer/director of the Royal Ballet and its predecessors for 35 years) is really only likely to be of interest to ballet-lovers -the music really can't sustain interest on its own.