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able to communicate in a Siouan language

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A Siouan-speaking Mannahoac captured by John Smith on one of his exploratory expeditions in 1608 provided the Englishman with a glimpse of the precontact realities of Virginia.
Once again according to anthropologist Gallivan, "these are precisely the archaeological attributes associated with a centralized political economy and social inequality that archaeologists have had difficulty identifying in the Coastal Plain and in the Piedmont." Whether the English fully recognized it or not, the Siouan-speaking Monacans represented a substantial threat both to the lives of Powhatan's people and to his hold on the leadership of the chiefdom.
There are numerous oral traditions that acknowledge a longstanding relationship between these two linguistic groups, and, by association, Hedge Coke's Huron heritage (i.e., Iroquoian) and intertribal advocacy for Blood Run affirms and reestablishes this old alliance with Siouan-speaking nations who lived at Blood Run.
Among many examples, Rollings early in the book correctly points out that the Siouan-speaking Osage "were polytheistic, and, while ascribing the highest power to the sun, moon, earth, and thunder, they believed that the world was filled with spirits and that plants and animals possessed a spirituality that must be acknowledged and respected" (16-17).