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"I had to go to CST but there is waterlogging from Kurla onwards, so I deboarded at Sion," Faisal, another passenger said.
"Mae'r pethau 'ma'n mynd ymlaen yng Nghymru, ac efallai 'dyw pobol ddim eisiau cydnabod hynny; ond mae'n bwysig ein bod ni'n dangos y pynciau hyn, a bod pobol yn cael gwybod am eu presenoldeb yn ein cymdeithas," meddai Sion. "Dyw bywyd yng Nghymru ddim yn fel i gyd a thrwy Ein Byd rwy' eisiau dal drych i fyny ac adlewyrchu'r darlun go iawn."
"These things do go on in Wales and perhaps people don't want to admit it; but it's important that we highlight these issues and that people become aware that they are present in our communities," said Sion. "Life in Wales isn't always as innocent as it seems and through Ein Byd, I want to hold up a mirror that will reflect the true picture."
Sion said: "In January 2018, I realised that I had to make changes and put health as one of my priorities, especially if I want to live as long as I possibly can to see all my son's achievements in life.
I have two years more on my contract with Sion and I am on loan only for four months.
I didn't want to impose, so when Sion offered I was hesitant, shocked, but he insisted.
Sion, 30, from Denbigh, said: "We just popped into the Tesco and we were using the self-service checkout.
Defeated Labour candidate Sion Simon admitted he was 'terribly disappointed' but added that voters are receptive to the Labour message in future elections.
There were also eyebrows raised at the fact they flew in and out of Geneva and stayed for two nights in Montreux which is some 65km away from Sion.
Konate joined Sion from Russian side Krasnodar last year and has also played for Genoa and Maccabi Tel Aviv.
In the last few weeks Sion have drawn at leaders Basel and won at third-placed FC Zurich and look an entirely different proposition under Tholot, who left Bastia in the autumn for a third stint at the Swiss club.
Sion and Aleskus have already introduced several new products under the TPI label: smart vibration meters, smart trend meters and the Ultra II data collector.
As a drop-in replacement chemistry, Sion overcomes the dangers, regulatory pressures and storage concerns surrounding n-propyl bromide (nPB), trichloroethylene (trike) and other traditionally chlorinated solvents.
Darlington-born Sion Netzler, 25, has been nominated for a People's Choice Award and has also won the Medal for Excellence - a prestigious industry award - for his achievements with training firm Nordic Pioneer.