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tiny endothelium-lined passages for blood in the tissue of an organ

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the curve of y=sin x


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What this means is a Fast Fourier Transform can decompose A-scans to yield a separate acoustic image for each sinusoid.
The second type of vessel is consistent with splenic sinusoids and is [CD34.
Hepatic adenomas consist of hepatocytes arranged in sheets and cords instead of the typical lobular architecture, and they also include dilated sinusoids fed by prominent arteries.
Unlike DWT based on real-valued oscillating wavelets, the Fourier transform is based on complex-valued oscillating sinusoids.
For example, abnormalities of the fenestrated endothelium lining of the liver sinusoids or "liver sieve" (Figure 1) affect lipoprotein metabolism, so playing a role in the pathogenesis of diseases as diverse as atherosclerosis, hepatitis, cirrhosis and even cancer.
The proximal right vitelline vein gives rise to the hepatic sinusoids that derives the hepatic segment.
Due to changes in the Disse space, caused by it's collagenisation, sinusoids become narrowed.
Engberding R, Bender F Identification of a rare congenital anomaly of the myocardium by two-dimensional echocardiography: Persistence of isolated myocardial sinusoids.
Clear irregularly distributed sinusoids (S) could be seen which were directed to open into a central vein (Cv) [Figure 1(a)].
Wavelet transforms decomposes a signal into a set of basis functions unlike Fourier transforms, whose basis functions are sinusoids, wavelet transforms are based on small waves called wavelets of varying frequency and limited duration.
The most common finding in liver biopsy is portal and intrasinusoidal infiltration of lymphocytes with apoptotic hepatocytes, minimal swelling and vacuolization of hepatocytes and presence of mononuclear cells in the sinusoids in an 'Indian bead' pattern.
Suppose the synaptic weight functions are chosen as sinusoids i.
The gap detection threshold of the skin is lower for bursts of sinusoids than for bursts of band-limited noise.