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a wave whose waveform resembles a sine curve

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The waveform thus obtained is not a pure sinusoidal wave indicating presence of harmonics in the system there by increasing the THD level of the entire power system.
Caption: Figure 6: Output tracking performance when a sinusoidal wave is used as reference/desired output.
The root mean squared error between a function f(t) and a sinusoidal wave with amplitude al*and frequency [[omega].
In the first simulation we mixed an EEG signal with a sinusoidal wave by 160 Hz sampling frequency, sinusoidal wave is representative of epileptic activity, in this simulation our interested signal for extracting is the stationary oscillatory type sinusoidal signal.
Non-linear loads draw current that is not in a sinusoidal wave form due to the power being consumed in pulses.
On top of the steady current field (second test), a sinusoidal wave train with a period of 1.
A synthetic three-component signal was produced by an attenuated tone-burst sinusoidal wave and a computer-generated random number.
The advantage of this feature is that its positive-to-negative swap about the zero order can neither be created nor copied with common holographic techniques because these only generate gratings with symmetrical sinusoidal wave cross sections.
A two-dimensional flow of an incompressible electrically conducting Carreau fluid in an inclined symmetric channel with inclination a induced by sinusoidal wave trains propagating with constant speed along the channel walls is considered.
For electricity production, consider a sinusoidal wave approaching a mid-Atlantic U.
At the output end of the full bridge inverter we get a squared wave output voltage waveform rather than getting a sinusoidal wave.
Seasonal patterns were modeled using sinusoidal wave functions: