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a wave whose waveform resembles a sine curve

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CST encompasses one continuous, single strand of wire that is molded into a sinusoidal wave and then wrapped in a helical pattern and laser-fused at certain points, making each stent comparable to a flexible spring.
Toshiba Corporation today announced the launch of TB9080FG , a three-phase brushless motor pre-driver IC for general automotive applications, which realizes low-noise and highly efficient motor operation through a sinusoidal wave drive and lead angle control.
At the output end of the full bridge inverter we get a squared wave output voltage waveform rather than getting a sinusoidal wave.
Responding to suggestions from European physicians who use its popular predecessor, the Medtronic Wiktor(R) coronary stent, the new device offers lengths to support longer lesions and a tighter sinusoidal wave pattern to increase radial strength.
The brushless d-c stator runs on a trapezoid waveform, while the a-c stator is designed to run on a sinusoidal wave current.
included in her studies characteristics like "waveshape" (varying from the pure tone of a sinusoidal wave to the ragged buzz of random fluctuations) and loudness.
A two-dimensional flow of an incompressible electrically conducting Carreau fluid in an inclined symmetric channel with inclination a induced by sinusoidal wave trains propagating with constant speed along the channel walls is considered.