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common tropical American shrub or small tree with purplish fruit

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1 at the recent auction were Anita Magsaysay-Ho's "Siniguelas Gatherers" and Fernando Amorsolo's "Cooking under the Mango Tree," each bringing in P23.3 million.
Indeed, Locally Fruit Truck is about the only place where you can drink a cocktail with siniguelas at its base.
In all honesty, I was surprised when I first saw the Salaguinto but when I gave it a try, it made me want to go to the nearest market, looking for siniguelas, which are not always available.
Beyond the Reading Room, 'Ang Maogmang Lugar' is a working orchard, planted to tropical blooms and fruits like rambutan, siniguelas, duhat, santol, mangosteen and durian.
Sabor acido was Blanco's word for sourness; he identified the flora that were used as souring agents such as alibanban leaves and the pajo, small mango that were pickled and was a substitute for olives; iba or kamias; bignai and sirihuelas or what we now call siniguelas. There were many other souring fruits cited, but it was only catmon that I knew, those green fruits with fuchsia threads inside and used in sinigang.
Heiser warned against delicious summer fruits like guavas, siniguelas, duhat, melons, watermelons usually eaten raw, straight from the tree or vine.
The Dorotan couple discussed adapted dishes such as tamales from the tamal of Mexico, using ube (purple yam) topped with tocino, shreds of yacon, mango, singkamas (jicama) and siniguelas (Spanish plum).
Romy also made siniguelas ice cream, which he said also has a champoy (Chinese dried salted plum) version.
I started this article wanting to prove that the beauty of our food lies in its fresh ingredients, in the vibrant green and purple hues of a pyramid of siniguelas, or the shimmering, translucent white of kinilaw made from fish plucked straight from the sea, or the sunrise yellow of a ripe mango.
The world is different now from the time of my childhood when you knew the seasons from the food that was served: mangoes and siniguelas in summer; suman, bibingka and puto bumbong during Christmas; talangka in August.
Among the trees to be cut are agoho, ipil-ipil, talisay, camachile, mango, lanete, kakawate, cashew, tamarind, duhat and siniguelas," Cruz said.
Among the trees to be cut are agoho, ipilipil, talisay, camachile, mango, lanete, kakawate, cashew, tamarind, duhat and siniguelas. These trees have a total volume of 1,166.3 cubic meters.
The sour leaves of the alagaw and siniguelas trees are also used in a few towns, where locals slice the young leaves and mash them to induce the juices to come out.
It starts appearing in Philippine public markets late in April or early May, which is why many Pinoys associate siniguelas with town fiestas and the Antipolo religious pilgrimage.
Sonny said his mother used to make sweetened siniguelas (Spondias purpurea) as well.