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Synonyms for singsong

a regular and monotonous rising and falling intonation

informal group singing of popular songs


Related Words

speak, chant, or declaim in a singsong

move as if accompanied by a singsong

Related Words

uttered in a monotonous cadence or rhythm as in chanting

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New tracks like What School and Rainbows & Happy Regrets more than held their own, but it was naturally on the big familiar singsongs that The Proclaimers really hit home.
Of this period, he wrote: We were a cliquish lot, we drank coffee together every morning in the refectory, we talked rugby between lectures, we took over the Ship for our after-match singsongs.
Cleves, L18 This song was very popular especially in the pub singsongs which took place before karaoke was invented as was Stupid Cupid and many more of her hit songs of that period.
Writen by Susan Mulholland there is hardly a dull moment as the audience is treated to an array of crowd-pleasers, including singsongs, lots of interactivity and some cracking puppets.
Visitors to 16th century castle in the Queen Mother's day recall a relaxed, eccentric and slightly shabby atmosphere with threadbare carpets, moth-eaten curtains, card games and raucous singsongs.
Mr Watson recalled that Mrs Watts had enjoyed the occasional tipple of Bell's whisky and family singsongs around a piano.
Inspired by the life of early Wainwright influence and oldtime banjo player Poole, this album has nostalgia for a time when people gathered round the radio for singsongs, rather than to throw bread rolls at it.
He went on: "I haven't come here to be on holidays and have singsongs and be up all hours.
Echo readers are already rallying round to help raise this money in their own inimitable fashion with fundraising efforts like jumble sales, head shaves, charity rugby matches, sponsor - ed singsongs - or just plain donations.
Pub singsongs, Gracie Fields, call a spade a spade, etc etc.
And of course the singsongs every night will be the highlight for me.
Her dad was a railway signalman with a musical streak and the family often held singsongs around the piano.
It was nearly one o'clock in the morning and one of the Queen Mother's guests was getting a little restless as the toasts and singsongs continued.